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Makiko Sano is a Japanese chef, author and teacher who specializes in creating delicious and healthy Japanese cuisine. She is also a personal chef and party creator, so she knows how to make your event special. Her cookbooks are full of recipes that are easy to follow and will help you create amazing meals for your family and friends. Makiko Sano is the perfect source of culinary inspiration for anyone who wants to learn more about Japanese cooking. Thanks to her, you can now enjoy the best of Japan in your own home.

She is currently a teacher at a sixth form college in the UK .It can be hard to find the right school for students with specific learning difficulties.

​Makiko Sano is on a mission to change that. As the mother of a son with severe autism, she knows first-hand the challenges and joys of living with this condition. But she also knows that there is hope for the future. In her blog, Makiko shares her experiences as a mother and as a chef, exploring everything from autism to food allergies to gut health. She offers information and support to anyone who needs it, proving that there is always something new to learn about autism.

Coronation of Emperors

Served at Buckingham Palace

I was always fascinated by the country's imperial monarchy. Today, Japan is home to the only remaining emperor on Earth - a source of immense pride for me and many others! Although removed from us, we still feel connected through their gracious presence and deep-rooted cultural customs such as sushi. In 2007, it became my honourable privilege to serve at Buckingham Palace; something that will stay with me forevermore.

With much trepidation and opposition from friends and family, I married a foreigner in Japan. Only my grandmother gave me her blessing - she was overjoyed that we had chosen to make England our home due to Queen Elizabeth's reign. Even at the age of 80, my grandma travelled all the way to London for our wedding day where upon seeing Buckingham Palace she bowed deeply with heartfelt gratitude towards Her Majesty on behalf of myself; truly one of life’s sweetest moments! Although my marriage did not last, I remain profoundly grateful for this incredible country which has given me both business opportunities as well as wonderful friendships throughout many memorable experiences.

This month marks a momentous occasion - the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. The joyous event will undoubtedly be felt by all, especially Her Majesty the Queen who can look forward to her son taking up his royal mantle as ruler of this fair nation! It is our hope that His Highness Charles will serve faithfully in reign for many years ahead.


I have been blessed to work with many clients in the past. Here are some of my style of servings.



“Makiko’s food is some of the best we have ever had. Delicious. Flavour filled. Inventive.

Everything she makes look simple takes artistry, knowledge and instinct. Makiko has all three and the most generous warm nature to boot. There is so much we have learnt from her and so much food we have enjoyed by her!! “

Ludovic Engrand

Global Artistry VALENTINO Beauty

The chef Makiko San is the most passionate person I have met for years, we had a long chat about food and clicked in a second. If you are in London you must make the trip to her restaurant, you will have an excellent time.

hayley atwell


‘Makiko’s food preparation, quality and presentation elevates a private dinner party to something joyful and deeply nourishing. It is a pleasure for all the senses. "

A brilliant team activity for something out of the ordinary, which was easily taken to any venue, great for all abilities and a lot of fun. Makiko who was an excellent teacher, explaining clearly and clearly a complete expert! Eurostar international Ltd

The class was enjoyable and everyone loved it. and made some good sushi! Thank you Makiko.

Winton Capital

Thank you for your help with the class yesterday and all the arrangements beforehand. Our group had and excellent time and really enjoyed themselves, Makiko was an excellent teacher!

The Elders

Thank you so much for everthing last night. It was a great event and i have had such great feedback from everyone that attend.

Immediate Media

Just wanted to say thank you for helping organise and deliver a fantastic afternoon out for us. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and insired to make lots of sushi! I hope we get a chance to visit you again. We will never look at supermarket sushi the same way again! It's not the real thing! Wellcome Trust

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As a private chef with years of experience cooking and cater for many celebrities and other high-profile clients, Makiko has learned how to create delicious, nutritious Japanese meals that everyone will love. Her recipes can be all free from gluten, dairy, sugar, and soy, so you can rest assured knowing that your meal is both healthy and tasty. We've collected some of Makiko Sano's high-profile clients' voices about how much they enjoy her food.

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W6 9AR

St Paul's boys school

London SW13 9JT

Ecole Francaise Jacques Prevert

W6 7BE

Young people with SpLD (specific learning difficulties) often find the move from school to college or university a difficult one.

I understand that every student is different and we provide a bespoke education for each individual. With small classes and highly specialist teaching staff, we help our students to achieve their full potential and make the move to further education a positive experience.

Makiko is the perfect teacher for boys. She knows how to keep them engaged and motivated, and most importantly, she knows how to get them to work hard.

Makiko has been catering and teaching Japanese for over 6 years, and has experience working with students of all ages. Her lessons are fun and engaging, and she always makes sure that her students are learning something new !





Very sad and missing you my Sammy


Makiko Sano

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